Chapter 3: genres and other classification

This chapter of The Media Student’s Book explores genres as part of broader systems of classification by which different cultures often mark out and re-make their imaginary boundaries. The play of repetition and difference to produce hybrid media, as well as very different kinds of status for some forms, make up a chapter which ranges across both different media and different genres, from romance through SF to horror, via ‘art’ and ‘escapism’. It also explores the meaning of ‘classification’ as related to kinds of censorship.

The Case Study, ‘Horror as popular art’, expands on the global varieties and ways of existing of a currently popular genre, and expands on the idea of ‘authorship’ as a kind of distribution strategy.

As for the other chapters, there is a list of links here as indicated in the book for reference and further study.

Five Case Studies linked to this chapter are available on this website:

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