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Richard Dyer on BFI Live

On the occasion of his appearance as part of the BFI National Library's Researchers' Tales strand in March, acclaimed author and film theorist Richard Dyer reveals the origins of the UK's first dedicated gay and lesbian film event in 1977, which grew to form what is now the BFI London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, currently in its 24th year. Examining the attitudes of the time and the importance of having such a groundbreaking initiative, the acclaimed writer also takes a look back at key pieces of gay cinema of the period, and the political stir caused by the first programme of films

A pdf of details of his season Images of Homosexuality in the NFT booklet from 1977 is at


Exploring the Roots of BNP support:


Some recent striking, perhaps over-compact comments on the Midsomer Murders ‘all white English villages’ controversy. It raises key questions around representing situations or locations, as well as individual characters, in genre driven media forms. The piece is by the excellent Deborah Orr, published March 17 2011.


Mark Lawson makes a thoughtful set of points on performance and representation. These are raised by a small storm about Johnny Depp playing the character of ‘Tonto’ in a new version of The Lone Ranger.
Feb 20 2011


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